CDM Server Requirements

The sections below describe the system and software requirements for installing the CDM Server application.

The CDM Server can be installed on Linux (tested distributions: Debian Lenny, Ubuntu > 8.10), BSD derivatives like e.g. Mac OS X and of course on Windows (tested: Windows XP 32). I you want to serve more than three CDM databases, Windows 32 bit systems are not recommended due to the Java Virtual Machine memory limitations of these operation systems. For each CDM database a separate CDM remote web application instance will be launched which will require a significant amount of memory (see below). The CDM Server listens per default on port 8080 but can be configured to use another port. Installer packages are provided in the download section as Debian package and as an executable Windows installer application.

Hardware requirements

  • Hard disk: For the CDM Server you will need at least 120MB of available disk space. For Java and MySQL Server platforms, an additional 250MB is needed.
  • Memory per database to be served, that is per web application instance:

The CDM Server iteself consumes about 15 MB of heap memory and 19 MB of permanent-generation-space. Each instance consumes on average less than 135 MB of heap memory and less than 55 MB of permanent-generation-space.

Software requirements

  • Java run-time environment 1.8 [download]
  • Linux: The standalone CDM Sever will also need the jsvc package to be installed.

Database server requirements

You will also need a database server which is capable of acting as a back-end for the CDM Server. This database server will hold the CDM data. In principal any database server supported by Hibernate can be used. However only the following have been tested and are confirmed to work:

  • MySQL (version 5.x, used for production in the BGBM) [download]
  • Postgres (Andreas Müller has tested says it works)

The CDM databases will consume some space on the database server file system. The required disk space depends on the amount of data to be sored any may range from few MB to several hundred MBs.